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Kokoro the Rise of the True Human Being

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The world we think we know so well is merely one of many mental stage shows, films, images and realities - every one are projections of an infinite consciousness.

Kokoro is the epic story of divine human consciousness and the world that exists beyond the illusion of flesh and bone, time and space. It is a narrative that tells of the plight of humanity, from the construction of time to our present 'mind machine' based reality. In two parts and through his highly individual style of visionary artwork, Neil Hague tells the story of the lion Kokoro (which means Heart) and his emergence in a world fashioned by the creator God Naga (the Serpent) and the Puppet Master - Marduk. Inspired by numerous artists, legends and philosophies, from Blake's Jerusalem to the Book of Revelation, The story of Kokoro shows how a prison world controlled by fear is transformed through freedom and love. It is the legend of Alpha and Omega and through a kaleidoscope of worlds, symbolism and colour it is designed to inspire all ages. Kokoro is a timely adventure revealing the emergence of the true human being.

"Somewhere in our memory banks, at the core of who we truly are, I know that love will find a way." Neil Hague


I appreciate the way in which you creatively scripted and symbolized your story of our history. It leans away from a doom & gloom inevitability. You really have it spot on. So unique, in that, it's not a hero story, it's a confident belief in our past present and future. Manifesting this book into the world, is yet another burst of love and light toward the ultimate conclusion of the journey back to an eternally peaceful clarity.

"I've read Neil's new book and it's captivating. It's only about 20 or 30 pages long but it packs so much in; it took me all day to read it. It's a graphic novel that tells the entire story of the Universe. It starts off as Oneness, then the time-ship is created and Naga and Marduk take it over and it becomes the illusion. The people in it are trapped in the spiritually-detached city of Babylon. Then Kokoro the lion man appears (reminiscent of CS Lewis' Aslan the Great Lion and restores the time-ship to Oneness. It's such a clever symbolic allegory and it really gives a good understanding of our predicament in this world. Beautiful book! Neil is a kind of Shamanic Stephen Hawking! His book is the alchemical equivalent of A Brief History of Time."
Celine Hagbard

Click here to Purchase Colour 32 pages (10x7')  Fiction 

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Journeys in the Dreamtime explores the ‘illusion of time’ and the ancient myths that encapsulate stories of interdimensional forces, hidden worlds and the sacred places – as understood by Earth’s greatest visionaries.


All religions, ‘inspired art movements’ and the movie-blockbusters we flock to today, are teaming with archetypal symbols, legendary stories of good against evil and variious imagery associated with ‘other worlds’. From the legends of the Dreamtime to the concept of the Matrix, this book takes us on a journey to the heart and into the timeless realms of the imagination.


“Get ready for a roller-coaster ride through different worlds and into the deepest recesses of the mind, as the artist and writer, Neil Hague, offers his own visions of the past, present and future, symbols, superheroes and the stars systems that have inspired humanity since the beginning of time.”

Price £18.00 +P&P (see below) (390 pages) History/Spirituality


The book comes with a collectors Art card below (148mmx210mm)

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To Purchase in the UK & the EU. Total Price £22.50 (includes P&P)

To Purchase in the USA & Rest of the World. Total Price £27.50 (includes P&P)