The Dr. Covid Universe (Book)

Adventures in Clown Land

Roll up, roll up … Dr. Covid’s Circus hast come to earth!

The world has become a circus show, a ‘Clown Land’ extraordinaire; but one artist is on a mission to make sense of the daily bulletins and political ‘sound bytes’ seen all over our TVs in every country since March 2020. If you thought you had woken up in a dystopian movie called ‘Covid-19’, then you are not alone! This book is for you! It will help you see clearly, over the top of your face mask and beyond the bizarre landscape we currently dwell.

In a concise satirical book of concepts, illustrator Neil Hague offers an alternative perspective to the Coronavirus pandemic. With humour and insight, he visually explains the geopolitical narrative in response to Dr. Covid’s arrival on earth. Through his celebrated style of image-making, we see the ‘rules’ and science being followed, in a world possessed by all things Covid, for what they truly are – ‘freedom destroying tomfoolery’!

The book introduces us to a myriad of characters, like ‘False Positive’, ‘Build Back Better’, ‘Dr. Mass Hypnosis’, the ‘Branch Covidians’, ‘Florence Nightmaregale’ and the ‘Gates of Hell’, to name just a few.

Armed with a metre rule, calendar, clock and a calculator, Dr. Covid won’t rest until ‘everyone’ receives the ‘mark of a man’ (the jab) and gets their
vaccine pass to a ‘New Normal’ – the ‘New World Order’.

Kokoro – The Rise of the True Human Being (Hard Back Edition)


The world we think we know so well is merely one of many mental stage shows, films, images and realities – every one are projections of an infinite consciousness.

Kokoro is the epic story of divine human consciousness and the world that exists beyond the illusion of flesh and bone, time and space. It is a narrative that tells of the plight of humanity, from the construction of time to our present ‘mind machine’ based reality. In two parts and through his highly individual style of visionary artwork, Neil Hague tells the story of the lion Kokoro (which means Heart) and his emergence in a world fashioned by the creator God Naga (the Serpent) and the Puppet Master – Marduk. Inspired by numerous artists, legends and philosophies, from Blake’s Jerusalem to the Book of Revelation, The story of Kokoro shows how a prison world controlled by fear is transformed through freedom and love. It is the legend of Alpha and Omega and through a kaleidoscope of worlds, symbolism and colour it is designed to inspire all ages. Kokoro is a timely adventure revealing the emergence of the true human being.

“Somewhere in our memory banks, at the core of who we truly are, I know that love will find a way.”

Neil Hague

Lions & Velons – The Bestiary of Kokoro & Moon Slayer (Hard Back)

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Lions & Velons is a unique mini-dictionary that explores even further the books and narratives illustrated by Neil Hague. It is ‘more than a dictionary’ or bestiary, it is an extraordinary companion to the stories of ‘dualistic forces’ that have battled for eons across many worlds. In this highly original and personal work, Neil gives further insight into the ‘characters and creatures’ that appear in his illustrated books Kokoro and Moon Slayer.

Alphabetically presented, we are taken ‘behind the scenes’ and ‘across a myriad of star systems’ to encounter the different ‘lions and velons’, the ‘opposing forces’ that have battled over Earth since the beginning of time. We are introduced to new characters while familiar ones are embellished further as Neil visually explains the Gnostic myths of Sophia and the demiurge, and how worlds are formed and worlds are ‘possessed’ by the entities called the Velon or Jinn. Like a shaman taking us into ‘otherworldly landscapes’, Lions & Velons illustrates the many gods, goddesses, suns and planets all engulfed in an ‘epic war of the Heavens’.

Through Neil’s unique style of imagery we are introduced in more detail to the ‘Lions of Durga’, the Velon, Lord Marduk, the Priests of Saturn, the Owls Ships of Urza, and the Eagle Warriors of Uthorna and Atlantis. In the spirit of William Blake’s personal myths and books, such as Albion (Four Zoas), through to modern day Science Fiction film and literature, Lions & Velons un-packs the ‘multidimensional’, ‘highly imaginary’ and ‘informative worlds’ of the artist and Illustrator Neil Hague.