Why is Instagram censoring my art reels?

After many decades of illustrating and making art it seems the social media ‘thought police’ are at it again.

My instagram account here seems to have offended Instagram’s Artificial Intelligent fact checkers ‘again’.

I post another reel showing my sketchbook work from over a decade ago and I am supposedly going against their community gudelines. My lion people are naked! Call the police! See the image below that I assume upset the finely-tuned woke AI police at Meta.

It’s all ridiculous of course, as Instagram, ‘second by second’, is facilitating endless ‘nude’ photos, bikini shots and memes that are sexually suggestive.

You can watch the reel yourself and decide if I’ve been a naughy artist.


Here’s the book that seems to have been shadow banned on Amazon too.

The REEL for this book was also taken down within a matter of minutes of being uploaded to Tik ToK.

I wonder why?