Journeys through light and sound inside the harmonic egg

“The medicine of the future will be music and sound”

Edgar Cayce 1877-1945 ( known as the sleeping Prophet )

I recently had the opportunity to experience what is described as ‘harmonic egg healing’ – and I was not dissapointed. As many will know, I have been interested in all forms of ancient knowledge, teachings, art and sciences for the past 30 years (see my books). When I was offered the chance to get inside one of these eggs, I knew it would be important.

The egg I vistied is in Chester and is fairly new to the UK from the USA. As an American phenomenon, the egg’s design combines ‘ancient wisdom’ with ‘cutting-edge technology’ to create a peaceful and often euphoric experience. My time in the egg and the hours afterwords were both euphoric and emotional at times. All healing can be like that.

The egg is a form of frequency medicine, now gathering pace all over the globe and this one in particular, with it’s facilitator Marie, was featured on the Ickonic alternative media platform in 2022.

On first glance it could be a set from the 70’s Mork and Mindy TV show, but the unique shape and its precise construction is highly relevant to the nature of the type of healing created by the egg.

The nature of the egg uses a comfortably reclined zero gravity chair focused on ‘light frequency’, ‘vibration’ and ‘sound’ to create a blend of energy to stimulate one’s autonomic system to reorganise and promote homeostasis (balance) back into the body. Its initiator and facilitating healer, Marie Friend, uses her knowledge and wisdom to help you select the right intentions. The music and frequency set then take you into states of awareness relevant to ‘your journey’.

The time I spent in the egg took me on a journey based on an intention (set by myself) and in many ways, the journey is the beginning of a healing process. I became ‘timeless’. My experience was both uplifting and emotional as I went into deeper states of consciousness. I am currently contemplating new paintings based on Prophets and Visionaries and while in the deeper states, I saw faces, scenes, and objects, relevant to my life and the areas of healing I was focused on. I also fell into a deep sleep as my ‘mind’ (thinking) slowed down as I was immersed in finely tuned sounds and vibrational frequenices provided by the egg. If you could ‘see the sounds and colours’ then the graphic below gives a good impression of the subtle healing vibrations provided by the egg.

For those who have followed my art and books for years will know, as an artist I am constantly seeking new ways of creating imagery relating to the ‘unseen’. Much of my art is about frequency, light and how we see the mind-body-soul. This method of “frequency medicine” is one of many ways of accessing our spirit.

I will be certainly visiting the egg again to see where the healing journey continues to takes me.

For more information on the egg and how to book, visit the website below: