Art Workshops & Masterclasses

Neil has a wealth of experience in the arts, education and esoteric traditions and the classes on offer have been designed by Neil to give the beginner all the tools they need to start creating personal imagery, and to bring out the ‘visionary’ in more dedicated creatives.

Teaching is about finding the unique personality of the individual and finding ways to encourage its expression. Allied to developing the imaginative and creative abilities that are needed to create opportunities that build on existing technical skills and introduce new ones. The combination should be fun, creative and inspirational for those who enrol on these weekend courses.

The courses & masterclasses combine traditional drawing with a focus on interpreting the inner world (our inner landscapes) and drawing our higher states of consciousness.

Images derive from the fountainhead of human life, the heart, the solar centre, ancient memories in the blood and the polarity of the fire of the spirit.”

Cecil Collins

The masterclass includes, but is not limited to:

  • Freeing the right brain through doodling/conceptualising/problem solving techniques
  • Painting to music and meditation (Journeying)
  • The alternative History of Art (The Art of the Visionary)
  • Insights into Neil’s metaphysical concepts and books
  • Guided visual exercises bringing consciousness into ‘form’ through drawing and painting
  • Set projects, power points and PDF guide for your own personal use.

The courses also look at the use of storytelling, music, meditation and our creative intuition to discover the invisible worlds of our imagination. Students enrolled will be able to see Neil’s unpublished sketchbooks and other unseen art as part of the course.

Through our personal art forms we can learn more about the visionary, multi-dimensional personas and the invisible energies that construct our reality.

All courses are limited to 10 people

The classes are via Zoom and run over a weekend, or 8 hours (4 hours each day). Both days will start at 5pm and finish 9pm (GMT) – 11am (EST) – 10am (MST)

price per student £395

Past Reviews

“Fantastic Stuff! Thanks for such a great new perspective on art, and for helping to trigger a new sense of inspiration. The workshop was very relaxing; a great angle on art-history, some enlightening imagery, and interesting to discover how the subconscious has a symbolic language of its own. I’ve now bought some paints and I’m going to ‘get to it’ and continue exploring!” Ben (UK)

“I felt very comfortable working with you and your warmth and encouragement was very refreshing in our world of dogma and gurus and I’m so glad that you diverted the subject away from just the conspiracies.” Alan (UK)

“Thank you so much for the workshop, it has opened my eyes on so many different levels! I feel like I have re-discovered my ability to put down how I feel on paper and have more faith in putting down my visions. I have also had a few personal realisations, which I have tried to bury under the carpet. I never thought that this workshop would open up so many cans of worms! I have definitely been inspired and am so grateful for your support.” Sarah (UK)

“As a practioner and artist I found that I was learning new ways of looking at the recorded image. In context to my own work it was particularly useful for me as a figurative painter. The course allowed me to relearn to use my imagination and create works of art that are more personal and Visionary. To summarize I got a lot out of the workshop and looking at your range of students everyone from the novice to professional learnt how to access their inner mind. Speaking for myself the workshop was a unique experience. I should perhaps add that I was impressed with how well students grasped the basic principle of drawing in such a short time. If you take time to compare work started on the first day with the finished paintings the results are quite astounding. Anyone thinking of doing this course should really go out and do it. Not only will you learn to unlock your imagination (professionals) included, but you will meet a wide variety of open minded people to share this wonderful learning experience. Thanks again Neil for taking the time to design and plan the course.” Simon (Japan)