Awaken Within

Join two spiritual wayshowers Yvonne Skelly & Neil Hague who are blending their gifts for an online experience on the potent portal of 22/2/22. Healing through conscious story telling and intuitive meditations to invite sacred union within. Awaken Within with Yvonne Skelly & Neil Hague – Online Event 22/2/22 Two spiritual wayshowers & truth seekers Neil Hague & Yvonne Skelly are co-creating a unique online experience for the upcoming 22/2/22 portal. Harnessing the potent energies of this date, they shall blend their soul frequencies and gifts using conscious storytelling and intuitive healing meditations, creating a powerful space to reconnect divine feminine and divine masculine expressions, inviting sacred union within. Neil is a UK Artist & Author of ‘Through Ancient Eyes’ & ‘Orion’s Door’. Over the past twenty years he has developed a unique spiritual and neo-shamanic vision through artistic expressions, aiming to inspire humanity to realising their true essence and power.  Yvonne is a visionary wellness Entrepreneur and an Intuitive Energy & Sound Healer & Facilitator of Healing Ceremonies. Like Neil, her life’s work is to inspire others to remember their magnificence as spiritual beings of love.

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