The Dr. Covid Universe is here!

Adventures in Clown Land – a new book by Neil Hague

The world has become a circus show, a ‘Clown Land’ extraordinaire; but one artist is on a mission to make sense of the daily bulletins and political ‘sound bytes’ seen all over our TVs in every country since March 2020. If you thought you had woken up in a dystopian movie called ‘Covid-19’, then you are not alone! This book is for you! It will help you see clearly, over the top of your face mask and beyond the bizarre landscape we currently dwell.

In a concise satirical book of concepts, illustrator Neil Hague offers an alternative perspective to the coronavirus pandemic. With humour and insight, he visually explains the geopolitical narrative in response to Dr. Covid’s arrival on earth. Through his celebrated style of image-making, we see the ‘rules’ and science being followed, in a world possessed by all things Covid, for what they truly are – ‘freedom destroying tomfoolery’!

The book introduces us to a myriad of characters, like ‘False Positive’, ‘Build Back Better’, ‘Dr. Mass Hypnosis’, the ‘Branch Covidians’, ‘Florence Nightmaregale’ and the ‘Gates of Hell’, to name just a few.

Armed with a metre rule, calendar, clock and a calculator, Dr. Covid won’t rest until ‘everyone’ receives the ‘mark of a man’ (the jab) and gets their vaccine pass to a ‘New Normal’ – the ‘New World Order’.

As an author-illustrator I have spent the past year contemplating the madness of our world. Everything changed from March 2020. Life got steadily ‘crazier’ in response to the emergence of ‘Covid’, and as a creative spirit, my response was to enter into my sacred space and use all the creative tools at my disposal. I ventured into the world of character design and narrative imagery, an area of sanctuary for what seemed like a circus ‘out there’, across the high streets, parks and cities of the world.

From concept to final outcome. The book is full of ‘characters’, from the Dr. to False Positive and the Magic Variants!

People seemed to suspend all critical thinking, often replacing research and ‘consciousness awareness’ with ‘knee jerk reactions’ and ‘programmed responses’ to the daily news bulletins and political mouthpieces appearing on our TVs. Waking up on March 23rd 2020 was like waking up in a dystopian movie, a film that had no clear script, or no clear ending within its plot – it became Clown Land the movie. We were put into ‘lockdown’ so to initially ‘flatten the curve’, and over a year on, ‘3 lockdowns later’, we are a very different species on the surface.

To compensate for the seriousness of the ‘pandemic’, I started to ‘character create’ the so-called ‘science’ and ‘figures’ being ‘followed’ by the political establishment. I introduced Dr. Covid to the world in September 2020. A figure who dominates the narrative throughout this little book, which is a satirical pastiche and a ‘caricature’ of life in ‘Covid times’. Despite the irreversible damage done to the mental health and livelihoods of nations (innocent people) affected by policies and responses to the ‘pandemic’ (driven by those in positions of power), we, as a human race, are strong and will turn the tide on this dystopian movie-like reality.

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Neil Hague – Control of the Art Industry, The Old World Order, The Age of Leo & The Awakening Sun – On Red Ice Radio/TV (2010)
In his books, Through Ancient Eyes and  Journeys in the Dreamtime, he illustrates a personal and fascinating approach to art and image-making. Neil joins us to discuss art and secret societies control and promotion of certain artists, musicians and writers. We also talk about the Hopi, their prophecy, dreams and the propaganda people are subjected to through the media. More Topics Discussed: transitional time, Robert Green, collaboration with David Icke, Caravaggio, Knights of Malta, Order of the Garter, The Brotherhood of our Lady, De Medici, the art industry, viral marketing, Jay-Z & Lady Gaga, Jesuits, Kirschner, artists tapping into the unknown, Koyaanisqatsi, the media empire, Hopi Prophecy Rock, destruction, World War, the new world order is an old world order plan, beyond the veil, property, mortgage servitude, scarcity, environmental scam and more. In our second hour we discuss the agenda of climate change and “Earth Day”. We explore the perception of scarcity and contrast that against the abundance of energy that does exist in the universe. We talk about the changes happening in the galaxy and the consequent changes our sun is going though. Neil shares with us his take on the symbolism of the lion, the mystery of the white lions and the age of Leo. He also talks about a return to “the first time” without fear and paranoia. More Topics Discussed: iridium element, Maya & Hopi sun prophecies, the fifth world & the sixth sun, the first people, Pahana, galactic changes, chambers of the brain, dream, education, entertainment, noise, doomsday, fear, terrorism, energy, creating money, exchange of services, John Trudell, positivity, age of Leo, prehistoric art and more.

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